Lost Jewelry Recovery Service
On The North Shore of Oahu

Lost a ring or something you value? There is hope!

North Shore Treasure Hunters is a lost jewelry recovery service serving the North Shore of Oahu. We have helped hundreds of people find lost wedding rings and other valuable items that mean so much more than just the material they're made of. We are watermen that go into the surf with specialized metal detectors, SCUBA equipment and other tools to find lost valuables. You will have to see us work to believe it!

Read our testimonials, view our gallery and give us a call! We can help you find what was lost!

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"My husband lost his wedding ring at the Chun's Reef beach. He took it off to not lose it while boogie boarding. When I wanted to put it around my necklace, a big wave came. I had to hold on to my daughter and that's when it slipped out of my hand. We remembered the location and called North Shore Treasure Hunters, and 30 min later my husband had his ring back! The ring means a lot to us because we made them ourselves at a jeweler in the Netherlands. We are super happy! Thank you so much!"

– Ninja from Anchorage, Alaska

"I lost my ring on the beach on last day of our vacation. I had that ring on me for about 15 yrs. I have lots of sentimental attachment to it. I searched for it for a while and lost hopes on ever finding it. With a quick Googling I was very lucky to find Brian Emery of North Shore Treasure Hunters. He showed up in less than 15 minutes of the phone call and found my ring in couple of minutes. He is very professional and trustworthy. I cannot thank enough for finding my ring."

– Sri from India

"Felt like someone hit me in my stomach when I realized the ring left my finger. Very very bad feeling. I'm very thankful to North Shore Treasure Hunters for finding the very first thing my wife gave me as the proof of our love. You guys rock!!!"

– Stevan from Serbia

"When I lost the ring my grandma gave me in the sand, I was so scared that it was gone forever. Thankfully, North Shore Treasure Hunters were able to locate it. I will forever be grateful for finding my ring."

– Courtney from Cleveland, Ohio, USA

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